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AT&T May Change Data Rate Plans

Is AT&T Going to Charge iPhone Customers Even More?

If you have an iPhone, you know how hard it is to resist consuming online content with every chance you get. It's the first thing I pull out of my bag when I have a long wait, whether it's my bus ride home or waiting on a friend to show up for our dinner plans. But, because four percent of AT&T users are consuming 40 percent of the network's bandwidth, you may soon pay more for your mobile Internet usage.

No official plans have been announced yet, but one executive said that the company was looking at ways to give high bandwidth users incentives to reduce their usage.

Does this mean people who use their iPhones for just about everything (like me) will be paying more each month? That's sure what it sounds like. I think that seems a bit unfair, especially to those of us who purchased iPhones because they are perfectly suited for Internet usage. AT&T has started to address reported problem areas via a new iPhone app and also acknowledged that the problems are worse in New York and San Francisco, where the market is heavily saturated with iPhones. Maybe I'm oversensitive to this matter because I'm a heavy iPhone user, but with this latest announcement it seems as though AT&T is punishing a core group of subscribers. iPhone users: would you reduce your data usage for a price break?

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