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AT&T Offering Insurance For iPhones Called MobileProtect

AT&T Will Begin Offering iPhone Insurance in June

Are you a clumsy geek with an iPhone? I have good news and bad news. First up, the good news: Boy Genius is reporting that AT&T will begin offering insurance for your iPhone on June 6, called MobileProtect, for $14 a month ($168 a year). The bad news: you'll also have to pay a deductible if you end up using it. Sure, deductibles are a given, but these seem a little pricey — ranging from $99 for an 8GB 3G to a whopping $199 for a 32GB 3GS.

Tack on this insurance to your data plan and regular cell phone fees, and that iPhone seems to be taking up more and more of your wallet space every day! What do you think of this insurance: too expensive or totally needed?

ManiMartinixo ManiMartinixo 7 years
Well (knock on wood) I'm the clumsiest person I know but my iPhone is in perfect condition thanks to the think ugly rubber case I have on it that bounces in the face of danger. However if something ever happens to the case I'd consider insurance. Maybe
cherrypie61 cherrypie61 7 years
iPhones and related paraphernalia is way too expensive for my taste not too mention over estimated.I'd rather carrying something cheaper that won't hurt my pocket too much if it gets damaged, but that's only my point of view ;)
Akasha Akasha 7 years
Why would I pay $14 for insurance when the deductible costs the same as a new phone does? I already have insurance on the phone when I purchased Apple Care for the phone. Guaranteed this insurance won't cover the phone if it's dropped, dropped in water or stolen which is the only thing Apple Care won't cover and AC only costs $69 for three years. In addition when I accidentally dropped my phone in the pool last year Apple offered me a replacement phone for $200, I was mid-contract so i didn't have a choice because I wasn't eligible for an upgrade. What I don't get is that this is being billed through the Apple App store. Is Apple going to stop selling Apple Care for the iPhone?
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