Who didn't see this coming? AT&T is suing Verizon over their recent ad campaign, playing on Apple's iPhone catchphrase "There's an app for that," and laying into AT&T's supposed lack of coverage. According to AT&T, the side-by-side view of maps showing each network's 3G coverage areas is confusing to consumers, leading them to believe that there are large parts of the country where AT&T doesn't provide service.

I can see how the side-by-side view of the maps could be misleading, but Verizon isn't fudging any numbers. The maps in the commercial show 3G network coverage for both providers. The difference is, where there are holes in Verizon's maps there isn't coverage. On the AT&T map, much of the white areas not covered by 3G, AT&T's 2G network is offered. Apparently Verizon did add a disclaimer to the ad, but AT&T is still dissatisfied.

AT&T's main goal seems to be to get these commercials off the air. . . Do you think they have a case?