Even though there's been a ton of back and forth between AT&T and Verizon on who has the better cellular network, AT&T isn't letting that stop it from making its next big move: attempting to drop landlines from its service. AT&T filed paperwork with the FCC recently to begin moving all of its service to an IP-based network (or VoIP — like using Skype, only through a home phone), essentially hacking your old telephone jack from the wall.

Personally, I don't see the need for a landline anymore (the only reason I signed up for one was because it got me a cheaper rate on my Internet), and given the fact that only 20 percent of Americans still use landlines (like my grandpa and a family friend who still uses dial-up) I'd say it won't be too tough of a transition. Even grandpa has a cell phone and knows how to use it! Plus, it's pretty costly for AT&T to come out and install the landline in your home alongside Internet and digital TV — would a consolidation of services equal a savings for customers?

What do you think — would you be for an all IP-based and cellular phone network, or would it be too hard for you to give up your trusty landline?