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TSA Scanner-Proof Shirts

TSA Scanner-Proof Shirts: Love It or Leave It?

You have your TSA-friendly laptop bags that allow you to glide right through the airport security lines without removing your machine, but what about all those TSA body scanners? It wasn't too long ago that everyone was freaking out about privacy and pat-downs (since it's been said that the TSA screeners can see more than the average modest citizen would like), but thanks to one Kentucky lawyer, you may have a solution in the form of some inexpensive underoos.

Called ScannerShirts, these garments are meant to be warn under your clothes (or as underwear), and have strategically-placed ink that will show up on TSA X-ray scanners as a blur. Although the maker says wearers have made it through security checkpoints without issue, I may be a bit hesitant to spend $15 for panties despite their clean and simple design, and here's why: the TSA says it could rescan you if they see any anomalies (like a blur, perhaps?), resulting in longer security lines and possible missed flights.

What do you think?

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hvchronic hvchronic 6 years
What's really wrong is not that underemployed cop wannabes are leering at your junk. The backscatter scanners -- foisted on the TSA by Rapiscan lobbyist/former DHS secretary Michael Chertoff -- are dangerous and, according to a number of experts, can be easily thwarted by anyone with a slab of foam latex and a can of FX-grade putty. Even a large pancake can disguise a handgun. Although such issues were intentionally not addressed for security reasons, the video posted below from After the Press ( has broken through the major media hyperbole barrier to answer the real questions about what’s wrong with these machines. Neither of the interviewees, two of the most reputable scientists in the field of radiation physics and technology, will step into one. So whether or not you’re offended by the prospect of becoming the subject of a live peepshow for blue-gloved agents, or care about your rights being abrogated, you’ll still want to be cognizant of the danger in subjecting your or your children's bodies to backscatter radiation.
RoaringSilence RoaringSilence 6 years
I'm a bit annoyed with this discussion already. Did people react like this too when video cameras were first installed in changing rooms of department stores? Aside from everything else, I'm certain this product will raise more suspicion than anything else and will get you searched more thoroughly.
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