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TV in the Bedroom: Yes or No?

Decor-wise, I'm not sure what CasaSugar would say about having TVs in the bedroom, but personally, I am a big advocate of NOT keeping a television there. I believe that a common area like the living room is better for TV watching because a bedroom should be a sanctuary for sleeping, and um, other stuff.

I am not, however, opposed to TVs in the bathroom or the kitchen, if you have that kind of cash to throw around. It's just that the bedroom is sacred, I think, and a TV is the wrong kind of gadget for in there. Obviously, it's different if you've got roommates or live at home and privacy is an issue.

I also think that there are two stances on this issue only; you're either a TV-in-the-bedroom person or you're simply not. Which one are you?

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Vespa Vespa 8 years
I read a study showing couples with a tv in the bedroom have less sex. So, way!
lovelylei lovelylei 8 years
i hate tv. took it out of my room and its much better this way. computers all the way
Missy-Prissy Missy-Prissy 8 years
we have one in the bedroom but if it were left to me, I'd take it out. We never watch it. We always watch it on the couch and work our way towards the bedroom for more exciting things than the old boob tube.
angelfromlsu angelfromlsu 8 years
kaenai...I read that ambient light while sleeping raises your risk for breast cancer since interferes with the production of melatonin.
Stacey-Cakes Stacey-Cakes 8 years
My boyfriend and I absolutely love cuddling in bed and watching a movie...
kaenai kaenai 8 years
I would die if there was no TV in my bedroom. I cannot sleep in darkness and I cannot sleep in silence. I literally cannot sleep, and insomnia, combined with other health issues, would drive me insane, and quite likely to the brink of death. The television provides both light and sound, which I (oddly enough to most people) require to sleep. Happily, my fiance understands this, and can sympathize. We've agreed to leave it on one of the XM channels on DirecTV - that way it's music and not dialogue and flashing images, so we can both sleep. ^_^
CoconutPie CoconutPie 8 years
I would not mind having a TV in my bedroom but it's not something I need to have. Hubby and I would like to have a TV in the living AND a movie room. I'd rather have a TV in the kitchen that in the bedroom.
gemsera gemsera 8 years
We dont have a choice. we have a study, small bathroom, and our bedroom! no where else to put a tv. :(
angelfromlsu angelfromlsu 8 years
My bedroom is my sanctuary. No electronics allowed. Not even blackberries.
ally14 ally14 8 years
I like having a T.V. in my bedroom because I love my House M.D. and Depserate Housewives and I have guests over a lot who like to watch Russian T.V. (which no offense but I can't stand it) so it's nice to have the comfort of my T.V. plus my lovely bed without the annoying relative and the blaring of russian t.v. shows.
nancita nancita 8 years
I don't mind having one in the bedroom, as long as I'm not falling asleep to it. I try to read before bed rather than watch the tube. But if I'm ironing or doing some other boring bedroom chore, it's nice to have it there.
Godlesswanderer Godlesswanderer 8 years
Definitely a yes. You've got to love watching some early morning kids TV after waking up with the girlfriend.
chicobo chicobo 8 years
I'm in a "dorm" style living right now where I spend most the time in my room when I'm at home. I love my roommates but sometimes you just want to sit and watch TV by yourself! When I move out, I'm hoping to just have it in the living room.
Miaomiaochan Miaomiaochan 8 years
I say no. At one time, my parents and I had 7 or 8 televisions in our house at one time, with one in each of the bedrooms. Even in the much smaller house we're in now, we still have three. It's ridiculous and too distracting, but we're unfortunately addicted to TV and it's one of the few sources of entertainment in this forsaken place.
Gabriela14815884 Gabriela14815884 8 years
Bring on the tv in the bedroom!
caroline_1 caroline_1 8 years
i have 2 roommates and a different sleep schedule from them... so having my lappy and tv in my bedroom are a must.
kcwebgirl kcwebgirl 8 years
on of my fav canceled shows (not available on DVD - Half and Half)comes on at 1:30 in the morning so i go to bed and then wake up to watch it and then go back to bed. having the tv right there helps. also, i like to wake up to GMA and watch it while i get dressed.
julieulie julieulie 8 years
This is the first time in my life that I've ever had a TV in the bedroom, though it's because my husband and I live in a one bedroom condo. We both work insane hours, but if we happen to each get a random night off of work early and want to do something mindless because we're too mentally exhausted to function, he just wants to play Playstation for a couple hours, and I can't handle just watching him play, so obviously we have a second TV so I can watch... and it's in the bedroom (because it would be stupid to have two TVs in the living room). When we have a real house, I would be thrilled to not have a TV in the bedroom, though I think that will be a real battle... my husband has had a TV in his bedroom since he was 3. :-\
javsmav javsmav 8 years
I have a studio apartment--my TV is across from my couch, but I can also see if from my bed.
Shadowcat14 Shadowcat14 8 years
No tv.....but I do haul my laptop in to watch a dvd before I go to sleep. Downside of being single.
falnfenix falnfenix 8 years
if the bedroom is a standard room, then no - a TV should not be allowed. in our case, however, our bedroom is the entire top floor of the house - it's split in half, with a room divider, and a small sitting area (with a TV that never gets used) is located on the other side of the divider.
Jabbadoo Jabbadoo 8 years
No to tv's in the bedroom! My bedroom is a sactuary for sleep and sex. I don't even read in bed, I think my mind is so tuned to what happens and doesn't happen in my bedroom, that when I crawl in bed to fall asleep, I'm out in less than 5 minutes. Whenever friends of mine tell me they are insomnic... they always let the bedroom be an extention of the rest of the house, tv, music, kids, exercise etc... No wonder their mind doesn't know what to do when they decide it's time to sleep. And besides, what is it with everyone needing 15 tv's, and in every room of the house? I wonder what the percentages are of how often people will actually go a day without tv. Try it!
SugarKat SugarKat 8 years
It's bad feng shui... The bedroom is for sleeping and making love... :love:
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