Twist! Plug Lets You Stream TV to Your Mac, iPad, or iPhone

While checking out the offerings at this year's Macworld, we came upon TV Plug, a new device that records, stores, and streams your TV content straight to an iOs device, and we were intrigued by its interesting twist on conventional streaming options like the Apple TV. Instead of transferring content from your computer to your TV, the Plug wirelessly receives and records broadcast HD content for viewing (now, or for watching later) on a Mac, iPhone, or iPad without needing your TV to be on. It also acts as a router for networking your devices.

Coming soon are Plugs compatible with Android and Windows Phone 7 devices. While I can't see a big market for terrestrial TV-only streaming to your phone or iPad, with more and more people jumping ship from cable and satellite and supplementing their Hulu Plus and Netflix with basic antenna TV, Plug could be just the device for those who don't want to miss a soap opera or daytime talk show again. Check out more pics of the product in the gallery below!