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Why The Quest Is Basically The Amazing Race For Geeks

One does not take epic fantasy lightly. That's why a new ABC reality show called The Quest (Thursdays 8 p.m. PDT) spared no expense to fuse magic and mythical creatures into the ultimate competition series. In fact, the executive producer of The Lord of the Rings films is the man behind the show! Epic fantasy has gone from an obscure niche genre to a huge pop culture trend. Peter Jackson's films paved the way for the success of franchises like Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, and, now, shows like The Quest. In this episode of The Sync Up, we discuss three ways The Quest is really just The Lord of the Ringsin real life, and why it's a must-watch show for fans of Tolkien's acclaimed trilogy.

1. They're both a mission with a purpose.

Just like how Frodo and the rest of the fellowship trek to Mordor to destroy the one ring and face dangerous obstacles along the way, The Quest is a mission with a purpose. It's based on a large cast of characters, aka the show's 12 contestants, who are sent out to reclaim some sort of weapon and restore peace in Everrealm, the show's fictional universe. In many ways, it's like The Amazing Race for geeks. The setting is scripted, but the contestants are very much unscripted.

2. Their worlds are full of mythical creatures.

The Questbrings essentially every epic fantasy trope to life. The premise of the series is that there's a darkness infiltrating Everrealm, in the same way Sauron took over Middle Earth. That's why the show's contestants are forced to battle ogres, dragons, and other fantastical adversaries.

3. Their sets are out-of-this-world detailed.

The Lord of the Rings trilogy pretty much won every Oscar under the sun for visual effects, and the set on The Quest meets that level of excellence, at least for a reality TV show. Special prosthetics and real-time motion capture were developed for the creatures. Actors in full regalia are also roaming around the castle grounds where the contestants live to make it really feel like a rich, immersive environment. But if you'd really like to see The Lord of the Rings in real life, you can actually visit the locations where they filmed the movies!

Image Source: ABC
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