I have taken a fair amount of trips in my day, and from my extensive trip planning, I just assumed that all travel agents were created equal. Boy, was I wrong. My last vacation turned out to be a bit of a bummer because our agent recommended some activities that were nothing like what they were described as, which really put a damper on my vacay. Thankfully, I won't have to go through travel-agent rage again — I've discovered Tripology.

Tripology is simple: you enter where you want to go, and Tripology will connect you with up to three travel agents that specialize in your destination.

Tripology is based off of the idea that some travel agents are more familiar with certain areas of the globe (whether it be from experience, they have lived there, or are just particularly interested in a certain place), and they should be the ones to help you plan your vacation. I would happen to agree. Tripology is free to use, and you can book your trip directly with the agent of your choosing. Here's to hoping Tripology takes the hassle (and disappointment) out of your next trip!