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Take Self-Portraits With Your iPhone — Without a Mirror!

Geek Tip: Take a Self Portrait With Your iPhone

One of my favorite iPhone features is its camera. It's of impressive quality for a cell phone camera, and has gotten successively better with each generation of iPhone released. Add the plethora of accessories meant to enhance the iPhone's camera and applications to enhance your photos, and my iPhone can produce better photos than my camera. But even with all of the additional bells and whistles, there was one thing I thought my iPhone camera couldn't do: take self-portraits. In fact, I thought the only real way to take a self-portrait was with a mirror, with the back of the iPhone in full view.

Sure, we joke about the famous self-portrait photos that show up all too often as Facebook profile pictures, the telltale extended arm in the photo holding the camera above eye level. But taking a self-portrait with an iPhone seemed nearly impossible; holding the phone in one hand, trying to tap the right place on the screen where the camera button is located, nearly dropping the phone on the ground. (Not that I've, um, tried this or anything).

But the iPhone self-portrait is possible! To find out how,


The iPhone camera doesn't take the photo when you press the camera button, it snaps the image when you release it. So, in order to take a self portrait, open the camera function and place your finger on the camera button, but don't release. Then, you can turn the phone around, extend your arm, and take the shot. No more blurry photos or iPhone-in-the-mirror shots. Even more helpful? Make sure your phone is out of silent mode, so you'll hear the "click" of the shutter's release. Smile!

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XShot XShot 7 years
You can also download a self-timer app from the app store: helps a lot for self-portraits. I got the free one which works great, you can choose the time you need to get ready...You can try as well the XShot iPhone case with a built-in tripod mount, you can attach your iPhone to any tripod or monopod and get yourself in the picture.
mrskrismendoza mrskrismendoza 7 years
I'm surprised you didn't know this Geek! I have been doing this since I got my iPhone.
TrulyLoved TrulyLoved 7 years
I already knew that which has been awesome, another thing is, even though the logo is very small you can use the apple logo on the back to help center the photo. Down point is that most cases get in the way of that.
macgirl macgirl 7 years
This is awesome!
tarabara1229 tarabara1229 7 years
Definitely a great tip!
nicolecat nicolecat 7 years
you know, I just got my hair cut and colored the other day and was trying to take a pic with my iphone. This truly is a hard feat. I never stopped to think the shutter engages as you release...this makes things SO much easier. :) Thanks!
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