After Chatroulette hit the big time earlier this year, it quickly spawned a few spinoffs. Now, The New York Times reports on more startups built on the Chatroulette principle; essentially, using the Internet to talk to strangers.

The concept isn't new (remember AOL chat rooms?), but the companies profiled are. Take TextSlide, a company built to pair random users for chats via text, or vChatter, a Chatroulette-esque site that requires sign-in via Facebook Connect, hopefully preventing some of the undesirable behavior that quickly became the norm on Chatroulette. These sites seem like a natural extension of the success of new sharing services like Instagram and older, more established ones like Twitter, so I doubt they'll go away anytime soon.

I'm not sure if it's because I'm a naturally shy person, but I'm just not that into these sites and services. What about you? Have you tried one? Will you? And do you like them?