I have been really intrigued by Industrial Designer Branko Lukic, who is working to develop and license products that will be "treasured not because of their specifications, but because they make the owner happy to own it." The idea, which Branko details in his upcoming book "Nonobject," is about the "space between you and the object" and while it may seem esoteric to some, points to an exciting, interactive and deeply personal trend in technology. A preview of Lukic's book 'Nonobject' hit the web a few weeks ago and gadget lovers have been fawning over his ideas.

Lukic's Pebble: The MP3 Object was a big hit with geeky bloggers and his Tarati (in Sanskrit, meaning “through”) looks to be just as interesting. The Tarati enables the user to connect with others by passing fingers, in order, through key holes. "This action of dialing alone is a more magical experience and, hence, more indicative of what's really happening beyond the visible realm," says Yanko Design. "Tarati beckons the user to “touch” someone without physically touching a single key. Its design reflects human connectivity in a less material/mechanical, more sensual, way. Tarati is a subtle device, but ever-so-powerful in its fearlessness." What do you think?