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Target Builds Cameras into Gift Cards While Best Buy Builds Speakers into Gift Cards

Genius or Bogus: Gift Cards That Double as Speakers/Camera

I'm one of the few who thinks there's nothing wrong with giving a gift card (especially because I love to get gift cards). If you have some reservations about them being boring gifts, then you may reconsider — Target is introducing gift cards that double as mini digital cameras, while Best Buy will have gift cards that are also speakers!

With such fun stuff built into the gift cards, you may not want to redeem them. These could also cease to take the wind out of people's sales that were expecting more than just a gift card. What do you think of this idea?

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eLdanae eLdanae 8 years
It would be cute for kids, but I agree with previous posts. It's not especially practical, I'm sure it can't be high quality.
kissykiss kissykiss 8 years
cute. especially for kids
Cris1192 Cris1192 8 years
I like the idea too but I'm not sure abput the whole speaker/camera thing, some oher bonus might be better like .... um I can't think of anything right now other than a pocket mirrow.
iced iced 8 years
i agree with berry243. If it was some other 'bonus' feature, then I would agree. But it's a good concept nonetheless.
LilGlamDiva LilGlamDiva 8 years
That is such a crazy idea. Cool though- I'd try it!
chasingjamie chasingjamie 8 years
I think the camera gift card would be a better idea if it was just a gift card that had an image on it to make it look like a camera. ... Does that make sense? lol.
lovely2190 lovely2190 8 years
i like the speaker one, but i am a little reserved on getting the camera one because i doubt that they will take good pictures, but it is a cuuute idea.
misogi misogi 8 years
I think the Best Buy gift card is interesting, but the Target gift card just seems silly. I've seen samples of the pictures the camera takes, and the average camera phone can do better. These stores are trying to get consumers to spend more money on disposable and mediocre products, and that's just ridiculous.
dexaholic dexaholic 8 years
As long as you're not charge more for the gift card, I'm all for it.
berry243 berry243 8 years
I like it in theory (gift card with a bonus) but in practice it doesn't seem all that practical. It's also a little too disposable for my tree-huger sensibilities.
said8me said8me 8 years
meh, not a fan. if i wanted a camera or speakers, i'd expect to receive a camera or speakers...
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