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Diet Floor: Love It or Leave It?

And I thought it was the media, poor role models, and unsupportive friends who gave us body image problems and eating disorders! Now you can actually pay to have technology verbally abuse you to get you to stay on your diet. Gizmodo peeped this Diet Floor by Spanish ceramic company Tau Ceramica — tiles that yell at you to knock it off when they sense your weight standing on them (ostensibly in front of a fridge).It's unclear whether the phrases it yells at you come pre-set or if you can make your own custom messages, but you can set different phrases for different people (you enter each individual's weight and coordinating phrase). If you can customize it, then I guess those who do well with tough-love can hurl hurtful insults at the themselves, and those who like a gentler approach can program in some kind words of motivation. It may have its uses, but I personally hate diets, and therefore anyone or anything telling me to stay on a diet? Hate that more! What do you think?

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