Welcome back to Tech Dating 101! In this age of modern dating, there are no more secrets — not if you're on Facebook, anyway! Now, when you make a date with someone and learn their last name, no longer do you imagine what it would sound like hyphenated with your last name — no, you take that last name and type it into Google.

But is that the best idea anymore? It's pretty hard to resist a quick Google search so you have a bit more information about what you're getting into, but you deprive yourself of the mystery of a new person, and the fun and surprises of getting to know someone new.

What do I suggest? I'm going to go ahead and suggest the possible controversial non-Google. That's right, geeksugar is advocating not Googling your dates.


To hear how I've come to this opinion, as well as a Point/Counterpoint, just


I've dated in the age before Google, the hard time when no one had social network profiles and you had to get to know each other totally in person, and in the age after, where I've Googled the crap out of potential dates.

Googling is satisfying, but it's no match for meeting the person. Some people are great on paper, bad in person, or the opposite. Even if you Google them and still give them a chance in person, you usually still think about something you may have read.

Now, for Point/Counterpoint!

Point: You should Google him in case he's an axe murderer.

Counterpoint: National axe murderer records aren't really accessible online.

Point: He might have some crazy hobby or offensive opinions he mentions on an online profile.

Counterpoint: It's better to hear everything in context. Jokes don't always translate, and it's easy to misunderstand someone on the toneless Internet.

Point: What if he's actually listed as "in a relationship" on Facebook?

Counterpoint: None. Good point.