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Have you heard a story like this? A good friend of mine met a great guy in a crowded bar, and barely had the chance to talk to him before the people she came with wanted to leave. As they parted ways and he hurriedly asked her, "Can I call you sometime?" she (now famously) shouted across the bar, "Direct message me on Twitter!"

While I'm happy to report that after several direct messages and dates, they're still together, her situation raises an interesting point: when you meet someone new, is it OK to give them only your Twitter name instead of phone number? Or, for that matter, is it OK to give them only your email address, Facebook name, or anything besides your phone number? While some might find it impersonal, what if that's your preferred method of communication? That's what I'll tackle in this week's edition of Tech Dating 101. To find out what I suggest doing,


One of the benefits of online profiles and networking sites is that you can control how you're perceived by others. If Twitter (or Facebook, or even email) is your preferred method of communication, it's fine to give that info before your number. Plus, there's always the chance that he's going to find you on Facebook anyhow, so offering up your Twitter username or inviting him to find you on Facebook is a good way to take control of the situation! Just be sure and keep a healthy mix of communication; otherwise you may find he acts differently online than in person.


One note of caution, ask yourself why you're hesitant to give out your number. If the answer is "I'm not a phone person" that's fine, but do you really want a Twitter or Facebook message instead if you don't want a call. Asking him to find or contact you online is fine, but make sure it's not because you're hiding behind your profile.

Do you have a Love 2.0 questioned you want answered? Join the Tech Dating 101 because we understand that love and dating are stressful, and the Internet and social networking sites can just make things worse. You never know, your question could be featured on GeekSugar! Here's a detailed guide to posting questions or posts to groups if you are new to the PopSugar Community.

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