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Tech Dating Rules For Established Couples

Tech Dating 101: A Reference Guide For Established Couples

Obviously tech can cause a lot of blunders when you're just starting out, but it's just as easy to get caught up in technology if you're an established couple. Once you've finally made the leap to Facebook friendship and Twitter following, there are plenty of rules by which you should still abide.

The question: "Can I ask my boyfriend to untag photos of him and his ex?"
The answer: You could, but do you care? She's his ex for a reason — out with the old and in with you. The only exception: if he was married and there are wedding photos on Facebook, or if there are zero tagged photos of the two of you. Hey, a girl has to assert her claim somehow, right?

For more answers to tricky questions, keep reading.

The question: "A girl I don't know posted something that seems like an inside joke on his wall. Can I ask who she is?"
The answer: Are the two of you exclusively dating? If so, yes. If you're not yet BF/GF, proceed with caution. Either way, she's probably a friend from high school or college who saw or did something that reminded her of your guy, and completely harmless.


The question: "He wants to take a break. Can we stay Facebook friends? What about Twitter?"
The answer: No.
The rebuttal: "But, he says he really wants to be friends."
The answer: Still no. Luckily, this situation is not irreversible. Take a week off. Take a month off. You can go back to being Internet friends when you're real-life friends. Not before.

The question: "He dumped me. I'm hurt. Can I use social networking to call him out and let the world know what a jerk he is?"
The answer: I wouldn't. I did this once. It was not pretty. Do not recommend.

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Torbach Torbach 6 years
Seeing the friends give "hell yah bro!" or "go go go sister, time for fun!" is bit hard. Even worse when their friends who you thought had been your friends start deleting you, but the worst for me was seeing photos of new guy very soon after with all the commenting innuendo. There is something harder about having to find out through Facebook. I think it is best to remove them. I'd like to think one of the most respectful things I tried to do was during a break up talk I mentioned instead of seeing this at some random time I would change the status in front of her. I turned OFF display of my relationship status and then made the "single" change. She might have thought that was horrifying, but I thought I was treating it right.
RoaringSilence RoaringSilence 6 years
Yeah I definitely agree with deleting someone off facebook if you want to get them of your mind. I'm sure just seeing their name pop up is not good, and it's even worse if you read what they're writing and start wondering about it. As it says in the article, you can always go back to being online or real life friends when your feelings are back in order, and have a healthier friendship.
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