As I mentioned last week, we're teaming up with DearSugar to bring you a series about love and the technologies that connect us called Tech Dating 101 ('cause we all have our fair share of questions in this department!). So now that we've covered the ins and outs of changing your relationship status on social networking sites like Facebook, it's time to tackle a topic that always raises lots of questions — online announcements like births, breakups, and weddings. And now for our second question of the series:

Is it appropriate to make big life announcements online?:

Yes and no, depending on what the announcement is. First of all, think of the amount of people in your life who aren't as tech savvy as you — whether that be your mother, grandfather, or great aunt Edna — and put yourself in their shoes. How would you feel if a friend of a cousin told you that your grandson was just born and that they saw the news via a Twitter update or on their Facebook news feed? You catch my drift. For major announcements, contact your closest family members and friends the old fashioned way — by phone. And if you really want, shoot out an email (so it isn't as impersonal as blasting out on a social networking site), and be sure to call those who aren't as wired as you.

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Now in terms of breakups, definitely go ahead and change your relationship status on your Facebook profile page, but delete the status update change in your news feed so that it doesn't take on a life of its own (and turn into a long gossipy chatting affair). If you are really hurt and upset about the breakup, try to refrain from using the Internet as a place to vent or say negative things about your ex. You don't want to say anything you'll regret later (like trash talking your ex) since virtual content can come back to haunt you later. And if you want your closest friends to be there for you, call or text them before you let the world know on Facebook. This way, they'll be more sensitive to your feelings, and less inclined to say the "I'm so sorry" in front of all of your Twitter followers.

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