11 of the Best Modern Pieces From Ikea

Aug 25 2016 - 8:45am

Oh, Ikea, the place where you can spend hours looking for the perfect nightstand, yet leave without picking one. Since the retailer is such a massive mecca of everything you could want for your home, we've created a list of items that will meet your everyday tech needs. Some of it's incredibly cool, like wireless charging furniture [1]. While we know you're still holding out for the day Ikea's crazy but incredible kitchen of the future [2] arrives, these will make your home or dorm a little more tech-savvy in the meantime. Take a look at our tech picks from the store — hopefully they make modern life a little easier to manage.

Varv Floor Lamp Base With Wireless Charging and LED Bulb [3] ($90)

Varv Table Lamp Base With Wireless Charging [4] ($65)

Riggad LED Work Lamp With Wireless Charging [5] ($90)

Selje Nightstand With Wireless Charging [6] ($60)

RIMFORSA tablet stand

Rimforsa Tablet Stand [7] ($16)

Vitahult Wireless Charging Cover [8] ($25)

Nordmärke Triple Pad For Wireless Charging, White [9] or Birch [10] ($70)

Nordmärke Single Pad For Wireless Charging, Birch [11] or White [12] ($35)

Nordli Nightstand With Wireless Charging [13] ($110)

Romma Cable Management Box, Gray [14] or White [15] ($10)

Morik Wireless Charger [16] ($30)

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