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Tech News Roundup - Bling USB Jewelry

  • What’s a technology trade show without some USB bling? Consider the silver/gold pendant called the “iDisk Vogue." Bling USB fashion - Gizmodo
  • A company, Emotiv Systems, has come out with an EEG cap that could enhance your gaming experience. Not only can it sense your mood (excited vs. calm) but it can also be trained to read your "brain power" and graphically move things. Brain Powered Gaming? - Techie Diva
  • Wondering what's up with "traditional" toys based on video games? Thanks, but I prefer actually playing Mario Kart - Crave
  • Losing a laptop to a spilt glass of wine can be a very frustrating experience, particularly when said wine is of the cheap Rosé variant, as was the embarrassing case with this writer's late laptop. What to do if you spill liquid on your laptop - Engadget
  • Need to magnify your table top? Anything placed on the corner of the table gets magnified 400 times and displayed in the circle in the middle of the table, revealing the most intricate and beautiful details. Microscopy magnifying coffee table - Shiny Shiny
Rachie-Rees Rachie-Rees 10 years
I would love one of those USb Bling Flash drives, I sure would wear it as my jewelery and it would be worn on a daily basis and used on a daily basis....Bring on the bling! I want one!
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