I've been asking readers to submit their worst tech terror stories so we can revel in our shared horror tech stories and learn from one another's experiences. Teamsugar user Bookworm1 recently admitted she adores using computers, but is always on the lookout for a bug.

I love computers because they are so practical and fun to use. However, in this age of internet there's always the threat of being hacked or getting viruses. Even though I am very careful with where I go and what I do I am still a terrified little bunny.

For my tips for making sure you aren't susceptible to hackers, just

For the most part, the average internet user isn't terribly vulnerable to hackers, so long as he or she takes the proper steps to prevent an open window, but PC virus attacks on the other hand seem to be a constant problem.

  • E-mail protection: When you create your e-mail account make sure your password is a genuine password. As in, something that your friends or enemy (a hacker) couldn't guess. It helps to combine letters and numbers. Also, if you're going to be logging in at a public computer make sure you always log out.
  • Virus protection: Make virus scanning a regular part of your online life and never click on popups, e-mails or downloads from unknown or mysterious sources. If you think you're vulnerable to viruses, set up a firewall, and run your scanner religiously.
  • Website protection: If you have your own website or blog, make sure all your passwords are as strong as your e-mail passwords, but not the same.
  • For more information, check out the Microsoft Virus page.

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