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Digital Life
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Tech Terror: Share Your Worst Tech Stories

Have you ever had your computer crashing five minutes before a project was due? How about your iPod battery failing 15 minutes into a cross-country flight?

We've all been in one of those terrible situations where the technology in our life lets us down. So how do we keep our cool and plan ahead so we can avoid having a tech meltdown? I've started a Tech Terror group where I hope we can share our worst tech stories and help one another take preventative measures so there isn't a "next time." I'll feature the best of the worst on geeksugar with my suggestions.


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macgirl macgirl 10 years
Oh this is so embarrassing... I went to lunch with a friend a year ago and when I pulled into my parking space I pulled my wallet out of my fabulous leather pink JMZO bag, which at the time cost like $350 all to have a computer bag that was terribly girly. The proceeds went to benefit breast cancer research so I felt OK spending that. It had my top of the line 1.67 GHz PowerBook G4 with my life on it, a Lacie portable Porsche FW hard drive, Mighty Mouse, Tiger CD, and my coveted Sims University DVD in it. I put the bag into the back of my car as my windows are so darkly tinted that it is impossible to see in unless you snug up to my window and cover your eyes up against the glass. Well apparently the construction crew 15 feet away from my car suck as by the time my 45 minute lunch was over I returned to a car with a broken back window and "my life" had been stolen away. I wanted to puke. Then the shame sunk in. I'm a friggen technician. I fix people's Macs and yell at them for not backing up... where's my backup? Nowhere as my cocky bum just thought it wouldn't happen to me. I lost a year or so worth of photos of my son that I'll never get back. My purchased music was saved thanks to iPod Rip from the little App Factory as I had all my purchased music backed up on my iPod. It was just beyond embarrassing.
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