After I chatted up Samantha Ronson about what software she runs on her MacBook Pro at the TechCrunch50/MySpace party, I made my way around the Mezzanine — okay, I'll admit it. I was looking to see if LL was hiding somewhere in the crowd – and overheard some pretty interesting (and totally geeky) pickup lines.

The party was certainly a single girl's dream - with about 95 percent of the attendees being of the male persuasion - so although I'm not surprised that there was lots of flirting going on, I was totally amused by what I heard. I don't think you need a book to figure a geek out, but some of you guys out there may want to study up on how to successfully pick up girls! I have to admit though, it was kind of endearing to see them try. Check out some of my favorite pickup lines overheard that night when you


  • While Pop and I were checking out the pics on my digital camera, a German geek comes over to us: "Hey Ladies, would you like me to take your picture?" Groan.
  • While standing in line waiting to get into the venue: "Hey, haven't I seen you on ValleyWag?"
  • While waiting in line at the bar: "So, which start-up do you work for?"
  • While walking through the crowd: "I just got these glasses, so be honest: Do these make me look like a nerd?"

Have you heard some geeky pickup lines in your day? Tell us in the comments below!