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The Techno Box: Techno Superstar, That Is What You Are

Looks like everyone's finally throwing their hat into the ring of charging stations; the bad news is that you might be bored seeing new ones, but the good news is that the prices of them keep going down!

Chiasso's Techno Box Docking Station is only 38 bucks — a far cry from the hundreds of dollars the Multipot commanded when it came out (and still far from the $169 of Pottery Barn's All in One Station).

The Techno is a great solution if you're craving a charging station (and a cute one at that, in gray and white plastic) but don't want to pay more than $40.

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katie225 katie225 8 years
this does not go with my beach-y decor. i was at ikea the other day and came up with a docking station of my own: a little wicker basket that has holes in the sides for handles. i figure i can put it on a shelf, put the chargers through the handles, hide the wires behind the shelf or bookcase, and place the electronics in the basket while they charge, and no one has to look at them! seems to work well, you just have to tape the wires against the back of the basket so they don't fall out when you're not charging anything.
kcwebgirl kcwebgirl 8 years
looks wack and cheap and totally not worth 40 bucks
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