Perplexed by a romantic text? Get your digital dating questions answered in geeksugar's Tech Dating 101 series, where I answer anything from changing your relationship status online to texting during a date. Today's post tackles what happens when a love that once bloomed has wilted.

What's the digital protocol for keeping your ex "around" when you break up? He may be out of your life, but still in your cell phone with a special ringtone, a sweet picture that comes up when he calls — or on your Facebook page, even if he's not making comments.

Do you do a delete from your phone, and de-friend him completely? See what I have to say when you


In general, right when you're post breakup, the best thing to do is to gradually edge him out. That means you can keep him in your cell phone if you want, but you should take off any special ringtone or the picture that came up when he called.

As for Facebook, if the breakup was somewhat amicable, there's no need to de-friend but to avoid being reminded of him every time someone comments on a photo of him or writes on his Wall, set Facebook to hide his updates, so you can stay FB friends but don't have to know his Top 5 Movies.

Messy, painful breakup? Feel free to de-friend him, especially since Facebook doesn't blare that info, and there's no reason you need to keep up on his digital life, and vice versa.

And of course, I also advise following The New Relationship Rule. If you've been hanging on to digital vestiges of an ex, getting into a new relationship is a good time to cut them out of your phone and Facebook once and for all.