In this election year, the candidates have to face the modern issues that technology brings. I don't just mean the use of technology in the campaign, like Palin's sudden Wikipedia debut or watching speeches on the Internet; I mean how the candidates themselves regard technology. In one corner, Barack Obama is perceived as the tech-savvy candidate, as an iPhone user, the promoter of an iPhone App, and a campaign website with a user-friendly interface. He's facing off with the less tech-savvy McCain, of whom much has been made of his admission that he doesn't know how to use a computer, which raises the question of, how much do you need to understand something to pass laws on it?

On the running mate side, you have Palin, whose use of email is prolific but faulty, and the news that Biden's political history includes support for the RIAA.

Admittedly, there are far bigger issues our candidates are facing, but I do take technology into consideration, for the obvious reason that tech is a huge part of my life.

So tell me, are any tech issues affecting your vote in any way?