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Ted Violates the Three-Day Texting Rule on How I Met Your Mother

Geek Out: How Long Do You Wait to Text Someone New?

On this week's How I Met Your Mother, Ted's legendary overzealousness with love blew up in his face in a text-messaging epic prank (but that's another post). However, what made him a victim was the fact that his friends knew he would violate the "three day rule" that says you must wait three days before calling or texting someone you just met (I guess the Swingers two-day rule is passé now, huh?).

So aside from Ted's uber-dorky use of the term "texty-text," what we really need to discuss is this rule. Not for calling, but specifically, texting.

Since texting is decidedly more casual than a phone call, what are the rules for contacting someone for the first time this way? How long should you wait? Or are such rules totally lame?

I can't tackle this in Tech Dating 101, because I'm an old coupled-up lady and am sooo out of the flirty-texting game.

So, what are the rules?

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