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This is definitely one of those studies that doesn't surprise me. An Australian study has shown that over 50 percent of third- and fourth-year high-school students aren't getting enough sleep because they are too busy playing games, watching TV, listening to their iPod, or chatting on the phone.

It was the males who were found glued to their video games, TVs, or media players, while the females couldn't get enough gab time in on their telephones. What's happening is the teens can't seem to pull themselves away from gadgets before bedtime, which is causing them to lose large amounts of sleep.

Dr. Kurt Lushington, a professor within the School of Psychology at the University of South Australia, who lead the study had this to say about it: "Sleep is very important for learning and memory, particularly in year 12 when pressure is on to perform. A lot of kids are reporting that they're tired when they wake up and there are quite a few reporting they're sleepy during the day."

It'd be interesting if they conducted a similar study for adults. I may not be chatting on my cell before bed, but I am trying to catch up on my TiVo taped shows!


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