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Teens Think E-mail Is Sooo 1999

I have a sister in college who I probably e-mail three to five times a day, but it's a rare, rare occasion that she checks her e-mail before we talk on the phone or text each other. While that may be most predictive of our insane phone bills, it also points to something communications analysts have known for a while: Teens don't like e-mail. According to,
more and more, social networks are playing a bigger role than the cell phone.

In the last six to nine months, teens in the United States have taken to text messaging in numbers that rival usage in Europe and Asia. According to market research firm JupiterResearch, 80 percent of teens with cell phones regularly use text messaging.

I can't decide if I think that age group's lack of interest has to do with the fact that social networking sites like TeamSugar, MySpace and Facebook are so popular, or the fact that most teens aren't at the computer as much as adults like myself, who sit in front of one all day and have easy access to e-mail. Do you still use e-mail or do you think it's antiquated in the face of so many other social networks?


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