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I have a sister in college who I probably e-mail three to five times a day, but it's a rare, rare occasion that she checks her e-mail before we talk on the phone or text each other. While that may be most predictive of our insane phone bills, it also points to something communications analysts have known for a while: Teens don't like e-mail. According to,
more and more, social networks are playing a bigger role than the cell phone.

In the last six to nine months, teens in the United States have taken to text messaging in numbers that rival usage in Europe and Asia. According to market research firm JupiterResearch, 80 percent of teens with cell phones regularly use text messaging.

I can't decide if I think that age group's lack of interest has to do with the fact that social networking sites like TeamSugar, MySpace and Facebook are so popular, or the fact that most teens aren't at the computer as much as adults like myself, who sit in front of one all day and have easy access to e-mail. Do you still use e-mail or do you think it's antiquated in the face of so many other social networks?


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vienvien vienvien 9 years
In the Philippines dubbed as the "text capital " of the world , texting has become a way of life for both teeners and adults since in the mid 90's. Practically almost everyone text because it's the most accessible and fastest way of communication---even business people and the government officials communicate through texting. Not everyone has the access to computers and if you want to use the computer, one has to pay the minimum hourly rent even if he or she uses it for only 10 minutes to send an email. Texting is very easy there because everyone uses GSM unlike here in America which uses 2 different cellular languages and there is no charge for incoming message; only the sent/outgoing message is charged. Here in America, I usually email because text messages are charged either outgoing and incoming. And I find it hard to text to people who only speak English because it 's more difficult to shorten and "textspeak" the English language than our native language.
tommi tommi 9 years
I mostly use my email to keep in touch with family, professors, or to get ads from my fav stores sent to me. I text a LOT too. It's sad, but my two best friends and I live 800 miles apart and the only way we really communicate is thru text messaging and myspace...I check my email and myspace from my phone, so it's convenient to use all the various communication tools available now. I think it all pretty much boils down to a convenience factor for most people and maybe a cost issue for some.
beingtazim beingtazim 9 years
i much prefer email to calling someone. i email my mom all the time. i don't usually bother to pick up the phone. yes - im a call screener!
RetroChristal RetroChristal 9 years
I use both, but I prefer e-mail. I guess that's cause I still like writing letters by hand. These kids today, I guess e-mail is not flashy enough for them ;-)
miss-britt miss-britt 9 years
i'm not a teenager anymore but i am 20 so i think i somewhat count right? don't let me anyways, i do not use my e-mail to communicate with anyone other teachers or if i'm trying to get a job. I use myspace,facebook,sugar to communicate with other. Oh yeah and how could i forget-texting.
RaRaJulia RaRaJulia 9 years
I'm in front of the computer ALLLLLLL day. I have to check my Microsoft Outlook web mail all the time at work and I check my website's email about once every day or so. But when I need to get in touch with somebody, I just text them or message them through myspace. There's not a single person I know that I can't reach through texting or myspace. It's quick and easy. Plus, the thing is, on myspace you can tell whether or not they have read your message, even if they haven't replied. So for example, if I messaged something really important to somebody, saw later on that they read it but haven't replied to it, I'll text them about it. Email, for some strange reason, seems much less responsive and immediate. Also, for survey purposes, I'm 21 years old and a full time student/worker bee/artist. I would probably die without myspace, or rather not myspace exactly, but if there wasn't any huge networking websites like that I would be way out of the loop for a lot of things. Down with email, unless it's for business I never use it. -JR
jeway jeway 9 years
Personally, I think communication has changed from teenagers to when we get older. Before I didn't care much about emailing simply because internet wasn't always accessible to me. Text msg was quite and simple. Same with IM. You can talk to someone, and get an answer really quickly. I think in today's young adults, they don't want to bother reading a novel of information on e-mail. That's why social networks are so popular. Commenting on them is quick, simple & to the point. Personally, I'm at work all the time, so I check my email constantly, but IMing and commenting on facebook, xanga, etc. is also convenient.
sandomingors sandomingors 9 years
I sit at a desk all day and i tend to check my emails when im at work but when i am away im on my sidekick texting and im-ing alot as of late. although i had them for a while i am on facebook and myspace a little bit.
verily verily 9 years
I've noticed that I email people less and less in favor of using MySpace or instant messaging. Email is mostly for work now.
shafiii shafiii 9 years
im a teenager and i personally love when i get emails. with emails its easy to get into details about things and communicate easily. i have an igoogle homepage and my email is right there. i feel like its easier to email cause you get that time to actually think about what you want to say and it creates a closer bond. when my friends go on vacation, they dont have emails making it harder to communicate with them cause aim and cellphones arent everywhere. i feel like emailing is intimate and fun! you can get creative and not have to feel pressured about replying right that second.
sugababee sugababee 9 years
i like email but sometimes its way too slow!
zc zc 9 years
i still use e-mail, but not as much. facebook seems to be alot more popular than e-mail, and you also get people that youwouldn't really email or talk often messaging you.
cageyme cageyme 9 years
I, too, am at a computer all day, so email is my thing.
HistoryGeek913 HistoryGeek913 9 years
I use email all the time, probably because, like you, I am at a computer ALL day. It's much easier (and more subtle) for me to check my personal email at work than it is for me to text message. Plus, as geeky as I am, I am not a huge fan of text messaging. (((shrugs)))) Just not my thing. I would rather write in complete sentences or just talk to someone on the phone.
kezza kezza 9 years
It depends a lot on who I'm communicating with. My 23-year-old cousin (I'm 28) and I communicate exclusively by phone, either talk or text. I don't even know her email address. My sister and I text, email and talk. My best friend and I email only if we can't talk on the phone, while another close friend and I IM almost exclusively, mostly from our phones. My dad and I email a bit more than we texty, but we do both, and most of my other friends I either message over facebook and myspace or IM, with the occasional text message. I use email mostly for longer messages and forwarding attachments (like flight itineraries for visits, etc). My boyfriend doesn't have a cell phone or take part in social networking, so we IM when we're at work. I've been feeling lately that my email is just to get order and shipping confirmations from online shopping. ;)
LuciLu LuciLu 9 years
I am a fan of email, but I do find that a lot of people dont check them right away. I too sit at a desk all day, and am constantly checking my emails. In a culture where texting is the norm, I can definitely see why teens are ignoring emails.
MuffinGal MuffinGal 9 years
Email is still the best way to go for me. I use texting if I have to communicate with someone and I know they are not near a computer.
gigiopolis gigiopolis 9 years
I'm a teenager, and I know for sure, without a doubt that it's not because teens aren't on the computer as much as adults. We use the computer as much, if not more than most adults I know. Thing is, most adults do use e-mail, but for work-related purposes. Teens prefer to instant message (the reason being, the 'instant' part of it), and, like above, social networking sites. We have become obsessed. First it was Xanga, then Myspace, now everyone's on Facebook. Personally, I'd rather chat with people on Facebook than on IM, and I'd only use e-mail as a last resort, if I had something very important to talk about, or if I needed to notify a bunch of people at one time about something. E-mail is outdated in teens' minds, for sure, but sometimes helpful.
millarci millarci 9 years
As a graphic designer, I am on my computer just about all day, so I actually e-mail people faster than I return calls or text. I check my e-mail constantly. Even in college, I was the same way. Teens use other sources like social networking sites to communicate. Social Networking sites like myspace offer services like e-mail (myspace messages), so there is no reason for teens to use e-mail like hotmail.
UrbanBohemian UrbanBohemian 9 years
I like texting, but my phone is a little old school where I have to keep punching in a number before I get the letter I want. And being a grammar-geek I like to be consice in my texts. I really enjoy texting, but I'm not going to quit e-mailing any time soon.
jhuck jhuck 9 years
I would say email is more for the working crowd. I agree that you sit by a desk all day, therefore you are likely to be checking your email periodically. I know tons of people who use IM programs on their computers at work as well. Teens on the other hand are out at random places, and are most likely to be found via cell phone. That's why I think there is the rise in text messaging.
glam-sugar glam-sugar 9 years
I email way more than I ever text anyone.
legallyblonde legallyblonde 9 years
I mostly use email to talk to my parents when I'm at school, and to talk to professors, etc. When I need to get in touch with friends, I use my phone or aim. Or facebook, myspace, etc.
Nigplz417 Nigplz417 9 years
theres plennty of teens using myspace lol and myself...up at 5 am...with no life cept for the weekend drunken parties
helgatheweber helgatheweber 9 years
I definitely still communicate with people via email. Email tennis is fun. Plus, I lost my phone over a month ago, and I've gotten used to the fact that if people need to reach me, I'm NOT just a quick text message or call away. Next to email, I communicate with my friends through IM.
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