This is the first time I've ever experimented with a CD disc painter before and I can honestly say: I'm hooked! If you ever need to make a batch of CDs — as a keepsake from a wedding, birthday, or party — personalizing each disc with an image, text or fun graphic is such a nice added touch! With the Dymo DiscPainter you can quickly and easily label CDs — the handy software it comes with gives you a ton of user-friendly customization options.

To get started, all you have to do is install the software on your laptop, pop the ink cartridge into the compact Dymo DiscPainter, connect the power and USB cords and off you go! To keep reading, and to check out a video of the DiscPainter in action (plus more pics!), just


Once you get the image or design just the way you want it to appear on your CD — you can control the ink quality and choose from settings like matte, colored and glossy — insert a glossy, water resistant CD-R (it comes with three) into the DiscPainter and hit print from your desktop. And in as little as 30 seconds (600 dpi) to three minutes (1200 dpi), your disc will be completed and covered with a radiant image! The DiscPainter is compatible with not only CDs, but full-sized DVDs and mini discs too. Each unit is priced at $250 without the cartridge and $288 with.