Because I don't have a car (public transportation all the way!), I haven't jumped on the GPS train as quickly as everyone else. But when I do get behind the wheel, there's nothing more satisfying than knowing there's a slim to nil chance I'm going to get lost. I've used GPS devices before, and I love them! If you've just picked up a new phone that doesn't have GPS or you don't plan on getting an iPhone 3G, here's a great option — the TeleNav GPS Navigator. After a quick install of the TeleNav software, enabling Bluetooth on my BlackBerry Curve, and making sure the pocket-sized Navigator receiver was juiced-up, I was ready to put it to the test.

If you've used a GPS device before, you'll find TeleNav's Navigator a breeze to use. Input an address for driving directions, or use it to get traffic and gas price info, or to find shops, WiFi hotspots, restaurants and hotels. The Navigator provides directions by both voice and with colored maps on your phone's screen.

To see what I liked about it and to find out pricing info, just


And even when my back light would keep going out (I have it set to go out after 10 seconds), the TeleNav unit would light it back up as soon as a direction was announced. Directions were accurate, easy to read on my screen, and I was loving the fact that all of this was coming directly from my phone! The receiver can work up to 32 feet away from my phone and it includes a built-in rechargeable battery with up to 11 hours of power.

The price of the GPS receiver is about $100 and monthly TeleNav GPS Navigator service is around $10 a month (some cheaper), depending on your phone network. Check out the list of phones that are supported by TeleNav GPS Navigator.