UO Portable MP3 Player Mixer Lets You Scratch at Home

I know there is an "art" to being a DJ and all, but how many times have you walked into a club and watched the DJ actually scratch on some vinyl? Most of the time, they pick and choose songs from their MacBook playlists, hit a few buttons, and move the cross-faders from side to side. Am I right? Am I right? So of course, you've left a club at least once telling yourself that you could totally quit your job and make a living by being a DJ.

But before you give your notice to take up a new profession, test out your skills at home with the Urban Outfitters portable MP3 DJ Mixer. It lets you set up two MP3 players, (or two iPods, or an iPhone and an MP3 player, or whatever combo you have), add fade and effects to your tunes for a much smaller (and non-paying) audience.

Plus, it charges your MP3 player while you're playing around so you won't run out of juice. Hey, who knows, maybe you'll give Samantha Ronson a run for her DJing money after all!

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