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Text Messaging Is Just as Rude as Talking on Your Cell Phone in Most Scenarios

Cell Phone Rant: Why Texting Is Just As Bad

I suppose it would be OK to text in certain places that it's not appropriate to be using a cell phone; while you're in a drive-thru, or happily tapping away in the backseat of a taxi cab, but in most scenarios, it is just as rude to be clicking your thumbs through texts as it is to be flapping your lips on your phone.

I don't mean to be ageist, but there's a younger demographic that I've encountered that thinks this is OK — I say this because I found myself chewing out my 20-year-old sister several times (I still love you, baby girl) over the long weekend for texting.

Yes, I know that younger people (man I sound SO old) text more often than they talk on the phone and maybe starving college students can't afford pricey smartphones to email on — I get the practice, but not the dependence.

To see the places I have given my sister the stink eye for texting (including the movies, the most sacred of cell phone abstinence), just


Stink eye delivered: At the dinner table (really?), in a movie theater (come on), and (my fave) while we're having an intent conversation, just the two of us. In an effort to keep our sisterly bond intact, she gamely apologized, but I knew she'd have those texts flowing the minute she was free to, when the old-lady big sister looked the other way.

And so I urge you, on behalf of the geezers who don't understand why you are always texting, indulge us and don't text anywhere you would feel weird talking on a cell phone.

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