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I may be a geek, but there are a few geeky habits I can't stand. The first is replacing genuine emotion with emoticons. The second is replacing "be right back" with "brb" and spelling "how are you doing love?" with "how r u doing <3?" in a text message. While it's been reported that romantic text messages are on the rise it's also been reported that 11 percent of Americans say breaking up with a boyfriend or girlfriend via text message is okay, a number that is not okay by me. Open Loops has put together a great list of text etiquette items that I suggest you memorize. And seriously, if anyone ever breaks up with me via text, well you didn't deserve me anyway. To check out the list,

  • Don’t replace all communication with texts. It’s the same within a business environment as it is with personal relationships, texting cannot communicate those subtle nuances that accompany face-to-face meetings or even phone calls.
  • Don’t deliver bad news by text.
  • Texts should be short and sweet – Verizon says that anything over 160 characters should be an email.
  • Don’t expect your text to get to your recipient the minute you hit “send." I’ve seen messages take days to get there. If it’s time sensitive, call. I sent one text in reply to one that I received and it was delivered the following day…at least 30 times. My recipient sent me one back saying, “Make it stop!”
  • Don’t send texts while under the influence…bad move.
  • Check the recipient’s number BEFORE you hit “send." Your boss might not like receiving the love letter you thought you sent to your girlfriend.
  • For the complete list, visit Open Loops.

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