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$19 Billion: What You Could Buy For the Price of WhatsApp

Feb 21 2014 - 6:20am

"Nineteen billion?!" It was an exclamation thrown around the tech world this week when Facebook announced it purchased the megapopular messaging app WhatsApp [1] for a total that is $18 billion more than what the social networking site paid for Instagram in 2012. Though the feel-good backstory of the app's founders [2] and speculation as to why Facebook would make the purchase in the first place [3], have people intrigued, it's that staggering number that keeps people buzzing.

Of course, a fine Internet citizen wanted to share with the world just how jaw-dropping this transaction is by creating the Tumblr Things That Are Cheaper Than WhatsApp [4], detailing things that could've saved Facebook some money. Among the astronomically pricey items that still don't quite reach WhatsApp levels, the shiny Hubble Telescope [5], pictured above.

Read on for more things that can't hold a candle to the valuation of the world's most popular messaging app.

Source: Flickr user gsfc [6]

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