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Things Millennials Do

20 Absurd Struggles Only Millennials Could Understand

Image Source: Sony Pictures

If you fall into the category of being a millennial, chances are you've been told you're entitled, lazy, and too connected to the Internet. While none of these characteristics may apply to you, or even encompass what it means to be part of the generation, the time has come to embrace the title.

Being in this group means growing up on the cusp of using AIM and Facebook. Some of us might still even read paperback books. But we also have a handle on technology that's just as good as an iPad-obsessed toddler. It's our way of living, and other generations might not understand it, but that's totally OK.

Ahead, check out 21 things only our generation would understand. Let's cheers to our smartphones, laptops, and really, all technology — we wouldn't know who we'd be without it. (Probably still entitled, right?) Read the list, celebrate the millennials of the world, and while you're at it, take all the selfies you want.

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