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Three Great Noise Canceling Headphones, Priced Low to High

3 Noise Canceling Headphones Priced Low to High

Summer travel means you'll probably be heading out in one of three ways: planes, trains, or automobiles! Of course, these methods of transportation will get you where you need to go pretty quickly, but boy, can they be noisy.

Sure your iPod and earbuds may do the trick when you need to zone out on the plane, but in my experience, they aren't very good for drowning out the sounds of that baby screaming in the seat behind you. Therefore, before you pack, check out my top three picks for headphones (priced from low to high) that will cancel out the noise and keep you sane for that long trip when you


First up is the most reasonably priced option from Sony, the MDR-XB300. I have used these cans myself at the office, and for the low, low price of $39 dollars, you can keep your tunes in, and other sounds out. Plus, they are super comfy on my ears and head and produce rich and deep sounds, which is more than I expected for the price.


Coming in at $85 are the Plane Quiet Platinum Headphones, which got great reviews from users and high rankings on field tests on PC Magazine. I like the mod look, and would definitely rock these on my next flight out of town. Best part is they fold flat so you shouldn't have a problem fitting them in your carry-on.

These top of the line Quiet Comfort 3 Headphones from Bose come with a top of the line price tag: 350 bucks! Reviewers concur that these babies (that should be silver plated, let's be honest) have amazing sound reduction, excellent sound quality, and are super comfy, even for long periods of time. And this should be the case since these cans are smart: they can electronically identify the surrounding noise level and then adjust accordingly. Plus, the Quiet Comfort 3s also fold flat for easy transport, but if you're riding with these, you probably don't have to worry about space . . . in first class.

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KHast KHast 8 years
Where can I get the pair of headphones the model is wearing?Those look sweet! Lol.
RK2590 RK2590 8 years
The BOSE headphones are expensive, but I love love love mine!! Definitely worth the investment — I can't get on a plane without 'em!
jemimah jemimah 8 years
You can also throw a pair of safety earmuffs (like the ones used for shooting sports) on over your earbuds or (even better) in-ear headphones. It's cheaper and more effective than electronic noise canceling, although not terribly stylish.
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