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Create an Indoor Musical Storm With This Amazing Thundercloud Speaker

Jul 7 2014 - 6:32am

We've stumbled across a speaker/lamp gadget that's both dramatic . . . and adorable. Cloud [1] is a personal indoor thundercloud and a perfect addition to any cynic's living room. Daria [2] would, like, totes have one.

Designer Richard Clarkson crafted this amazing little smartcloud that looks and behaves like a thundercloud during a mini lightning storm. The inside of Cloud has pretty amazing tech, too. Richard used components of Arduino [3], an open-source electronics prototyping platform, to develop the speaker's amazing features:

Richard's smartcloud is just one example of how tech and art can work together to make a beautiful, interactive experience. In a blog post explaining the project [4], he wrote, "This is a new kind of magic, one not based on illusions and trickery, but on sensors and code. For the past few years, designers have been adding more and more skills to their toolkits."


You can buy Cloud from the RC shop [5] for $3,360. Each order is unique in shape and requires 12 to 14 working days to process.

Interested in more cool Arduino projects? Check out this judgy vending machine [6] that tweets when you buy a Twix.

Source: Richard Clarkson [7]

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