Best girls' night in ever? Watching TiVo'ed Sex and the City reruns on TBS and . . . drumroll please. . . ordering something from Amazon, directly from your TiVo. News of TiVo teaming up with Amazon should be filed under "Why Didn't They Think of This Sooner," but I'm stoked that they did.

It also got me thinking, with this, the recently-announced YouTube access, and dozens of tips I have amassed over the years, that I just can't advocate for the standard-issue DVRs you can get from the cable company anymore.

No offense to those who go that way — I realize there are reasons for convenience and not wanting to pay the upfront cost of the TiVo device (although differences in monthly service fees are pretty negligible), but for most geeks who desire savvy features and a great interface, TiVo is the only way to go. So on that note, which way do you swing?