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TiVo Brings Ads to Pause Function For Series 3 and HD TiVos

Should Having a TiVo Mean You Never See Ads?

When I got a TiVo, my motivation was basically wanting to be able to watch TV shows on my own schedule (whether that has made me smarter or cooler is debatable). Not having to watch commercials was a small reason, but a huge bonus — I paid for the DVR technology, so I felt entitled to control what I watched.

Except having a TiVo isn't synonymous with ad-free TV anymore. Not since they rolled out their innovative but slightly annoying pause menu ads to series 3 and HD TiVos (pause menu ads are when you have TiVo paused, and an ad bar shows up onscreen, like the image at right).

So even though you're still watching commercial-free TV, you haven't escaped from the audience of advertisers, which may irk those who have a TiVo specifically for that purpose. On the other hand, maybe you're just happy to be able to watch your shows whenever you want.

Let me know what you think in the comments below!

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Blaq Blaq 8 years
@EvilDorkGirl: - I had fallen prey to the common misconception that burn-in does not affect LCDs. Thank you for making me learn something new. - I'm happy that your current DVR works fine. For us and many others, however, the cable company's DVR offering is such a buggy, bare-bones experience that our TiVo is light-years ahead in reliability, usability, and functionality. (My grumpy tale of woe is found by Googling "clunky Rogers PVR", including quotes, and scrolling to post #10.) - Finally, logic dictates that the new pause ads have little to no effect on burn-in. The progress bar, the various menus (colored differently but each with a white border around the menu title) are displayed *much* longer/more often than the occasional pause ad. If burn-in is a problem, these are its main cause. I understand why some people object to more ads cluttering up the TiVo interface, but let's not use the burn-in straw-man argument. There's enough justification in disapproving of the ads themselves without adding potential burn-in to the argument.
KibzeeLovee KibzeeLovee 8 years
totally agrree! it's quiet a bug.
EvilDorkGirl EvilDorkGirl 8 years
Actually, modern TVs still do exhibit burn-in, whether they're plasmas or LCDs. It's less likely to happen on an LCD than a CRT, but still, it's possible, and I have an LCD monitor that illustrates my point. I work with video equipment for a living. :-) And it's not cutting off my nose to spite my face if a) I'm incredibly opposed to being fed advertising when I'm paying a premium to avoid advertising, and b) my current DVR works fine. I don't see any sense in paying $300 - $500 more than I need to, especially if it risks the image quality on my brand new TV, barfs out ads, and only provides me with a marginally better UI... and this is a Mac user talking here.
Blaq Blaq 8 years
Although pause-screen ads are annoying, you have 3 ways to deal with them: 1) Activate quick dismissal of the progress bar (and related ads): while playing, press PAUSE and DOWN to hide the ads, then enter the code “SELECT-PLAY-SELECT-PAUSE-SELECT". You will hear three chimes when the code is accepted. (Repeat to toggle it off.) From now on, both the ads and the progress bar will quickly disappear when you pause. 2) Hide both the pause-screen ads and the progress bar: when paused, press CLEAR. 3) Hide the ads but keep the progress bar: as instructed on the pause screen, simply press the DOWN arrow when paused. TiVo will remember your choice for the rest of that program. This is my favorite approach, as I like the progress bar and don't want it to disappear. You simply retrain your "finger memory" to press PAUSE-DOWN instead of PAUSE. It'll quickly become second nature. @EvilDorkGirl: LCDs don't exhibit burn-in, so don't worry. Also, not to buy a TiVo because of this one new feature would be akin to cutting off your nose to spite your face. TiVo remains an extremely *reliable* DVR whose powerful features somehow remain ultra-easy to use. Our other (cable-provided) DVR mysteriously *misses* recordings on a regular basis, a *much* bigger heartbreak than being subjected to 2-line ads you can hide with one button press.
EvilDorkGirl EvilDorkGirl 8 years
Also, what about burnin on LCDs?
Lala0 Lala0 8 years
AT&T doesn't do anything like this...another reason I'm glad I'm with them
colleen-stg colleen-stg 8 years
The pause ads are no biggie to me. They are there if you're interested. You don't even notice them when they are not. It's your choice. Plus, like TV Paws said, you pause when you are leaving or distracted by something else. Plus, some of the ads are useful. For example, if I hear about a new movie from a friend but haven't seen the trailer. Then Tivo has an ad for the movie, I can see the trailer there without having to wait until I see it while fast forwarding through one of my show's commercials. Win-win from my point-of-view.
EvilDorkGirl EvilDorkGirl 8 years
Well we were talking about ponying up for a TiVo since the Comcrap DVR sucks, but now that I know that there are pause menu ads I won't be buying one.
Modus-Vivendi Modus-Vivendi 8 years
Unless you want to pay a lot more to watch a show, ads are a part of it.
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