When I got a TiVo, my motivation was basically wanting to be able to watch TV shows on my own schedule (whether that has made me smarter or cooler is debatable). Not having to watch commercials was a small reason, but a huge bonus — I paid for the DVR technology, so I felt entitled to control what I watched.

Except having a TiVo isn't synonymous with ad-free TV anymore. Not since they rolled out their innovative but slightly annoying pause menu ads to series 3 and HD TiVos (pause menu ads are when you have TiVo paused, and an ad bar shows up onscreen, like the image at right).

So even though you're still watching commercial-free TV, you haven't escaped from the audience of advertisers, which may irk those who have a TiVo specifically for that purpose. On the other hand, maybe you're just happy to be able to watch your shows whenever you want.

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