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Tips For Creating an Online Wedding Registry

I'm not married, or engaged, but the idea of creating a wedding registry totally excites me — dancing around a store (ahem, 27 dresses) with a barcode scanner, scanning to your hearts desire?! Good times indeed (yes, I'm delusional!). Scratch that thought for just a sec, and let's get back to basics and practicality — online wedding registries.

What's great about having an online registry is the fact that friends and family from all over can take part in the gift giving and the whole process is much easier than searching for gifts in stores. If you happened to miss CasaSugar's helpful guide to getting an online registry started, I'm going to give you a few more tips and suggestions.

First thing's first, deciding what stores meet your needs and which ones you want to be registered at. Thanks to sites like MyRegistry, the universal gift registry, you have the freedom to mix and match items from any of your favorite sites and stores to create the ultimate gift registry.

For more tips to setting up your online registry,


Signing Up For Traditional Registries Online in One Place
The most traditional registry spots are Tiffany & Co., Bloomingdales, Macy's, Crate & Barrel, Williams-Sonoma, Pottery Barn, Neiman Marcus, Restoration Hardware, Fortunoff, Gump's, REI, Target, JCPenney, Barneys New York, and Dean & DeLuca. You can actually create a registry at all these stores via the Wedding Channel website.

Register Based on Your Lifestyle
Macy’s Wedding and Gift Registry has created an “instant” registry bank for different types of couples and it's surprisingly preceptive and vast. You can just click on personality types like "Jet-Setters," "True Romantics," "Happy Hipsters," etc and get a look at kitchenware and gadgetry that will likely fit your interests. You can check it out at TheKnot.

Don't Forget Practical Gifts
Stores like Target and Amazon seems to one of the best spots for gifts of all kinds. You can register for the regular housewares and high-end electronics in the same place. You can also ask for gift cards from stores like Apple and Best Buy.

The Best Gift You Can Give
If you really don't need gifts consider passing your guests' generosity to someone in need. JustGive is a great nonprofit organization that offers an online Charity Wedding Registry. Couples can choose from any of the 850,000 charities in the US, add personal information about themselves and their wedding, send an email to friends and family notifying them of their registry, and access password-protected reports that detail who has donated to what charity on their registry so they can send out timely Thank You cards.

And don't forget to include your registry info on your wedding website!

To see all of our wedding coverage, check out IDoSugar.


Join The Conversation
girl-e girl-e 9 years
Hey there... I created my wedding registry at and it rocked. My guests used the site and we got almost everything we asked for. And the best part is because you can add items from any site we were able to include traditional and a little less traditional items. I admit it. I asked for the ipod :) And my grandmother of all people got it for us. Plus Wishpot set things up so that I didn't get doubles, which I really appreciated. And Wishpot has wedding experts that were also really helpful. I got some great green ideas for my registry from the list of stuff eco-chic recommended. (I love her) All in all I highly recommend it-no horror recliner stories here.
Hey_Blondie_SF Hey_Blondie_SF 9 years also lets you make a donation to your favorite charity)in lieu of favors. You can request a customized .pdf to print table cards. They have charity gift certificates too, which can make a great attendant/family gift. The recipient logs in to JustGive and chooses the charity they want to donate it to. Because when is the last time a groomsman used an engraved flask?
LeighLz LeighLz 9 years
I am currently using for my wedding registry and I cant say anything negative about them. I was so pleased to find a registry that let me add gifts from all my favorite shops (online or offline). My friends loved that I added so many pictures on my registry since they are mostly from out of state. Aside from adding tons of gifts, they also have these really cute feature where you can create your own wedding page. I was happy to share our wedding details (how we met, reception info, etc) which recieved many kudos from my guests. Again, I cant complain-I have had no problems with them and I think its a really chic registry service.
EvilDorkGirl EvilDorkGirl 9 years
So I used thinking it would make buying gifts for us a snap. Well, I guess I was wrong, because nobody used it. We got a whopping 3 gifts from our registry. The worst part is that we had picked out a nice recliner at JC Penny, and when it was no longer available online, MyRegistry took the liberty of replacing it with a crappy, cheaper Target version. The worst part is that they didn't tell me, and my husband and I ended up with a piece of furniture that was really nothing like what we had picked out. Bummer.
cbombnewell cbombnewell 9 years
Yeah it is MUCH easier!
katfish katfish 9 years also has a universal gift registry, and it was easy to use, and I added gifts from all my favorite stores. I also added information on our favorite charities, for anyone who wanted to give a charitable gift.
Barbara44 Barbara44 9 years
Definitely DO NOT use the TARGET bridal registry. I gave my niece a shower in Tulsa, but she lives in Philadelphia. She received many gifts and some were too heavy and bulky to bring home on a flight. We took the big, heavy items back to Target with her bridal registry list. We just wanted to leave the big items in Tulsa and get a gift card for the same items in Philly. The boxes were not opened, and the registry had the items on it. We spoke to the bridal registry saleswomen, the store manager, customer service, and the supervisor of customer service. NO ONE would help. The saleswomen were sympathetic but of no help. The store manager handed me a card with the customer service phone number on it and went back to his office. The customer service person could not help me and the supervisor said he did not have the authority or power to allow this exchange. TARGET is quick to sign a couple up on its registry, but are very UNACCOMMODATING when it comes time to help the couple. We took items back to Bed, Bath, and Beyond. No problem. They were happy to accommodate! Target should take a lesson from them.
Rachel241 Rachel241 9 years
If you are looking for an alternative gift registry, check out It is a "green" gift registry where they have fair trade, recycled, bamboo, organic gifts from the internet's earth-friendly stores. Also, you can input items from your local businesses. They also have eco-friendly wedding planning tips. Happy planning!
CoreyR CoreyR 9 years
WOW! This is like sooo cool. I only hope Cute Little Teetail can read this! Thanks for the advice, girls!!
tiff58 tiff58 9 years
Thanks for the advice girls! I really want to only register with Home Depot for gift cards, so that we can renovate, but I'm going to choose one more store as well.
surfergirl222 surfergirl222 9 years
Definitely do NOT register with Target. They gave us SUCH a hard time about returns. And, some of the merchandise was shipped to us broken. They actually wanted us to call our friends who gave us gifts which THEY broke during shipment and ask them to print out a gift receipt and mail it to us. They refused to do any returns without a receipt and insisted on taking down our driver's license info for any returns, even for items under $20. They couldn't return anything over $20, including an item for $20.99. Terrible new return policy! We cancelled our registry and opened one at another store. Not worth the hassle!
Irish272 Irish272 9 years
Don't register with Target. They do not let you Return or Exchange any of the gifts if you don't have a receipt, and if someone bought you something months in advance, they still might not take it back with a receipt.
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