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Is Too Much Technology Making Us Disconnected?

Is Too Much Technology Actually Making Us Disconnected?

This topic has been on the radar a lot lately, but an article recently published by The Wall Street Journal got me thinking. It asserts that gadgets and new technology have become a narcissist's best friends. The writer explains her frustrations with people who ferociously multitask by emailing or answering their phone during meetings, or those who define themselves by their contacts list.

"To many people, it doesn't matter much who calls or what they want. What matters is that the call reflects our existence back upon us. They wanted us, and that is an emergency. Because we won't feel truly wanted again until the next email, text or call."

While her article is mainly about using technology to feed one's ego, her points are interesting. Foursquare, Twitter, Facebook, Loopt . . . all provide a medium for potential oversharing. Does having a mile-long contact list make us any more connected than we already are? Or does it actually isolate us from person-to-person interactions that seem to be sadly fewer and farther between?

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Anne26 Anne26 7 years
Ummm yeah. I had some friends I went out with almost want to throw my iphone to the trash because I was always on it. They took it away from me and turned it off and didn't give it back to me till later that evening. ;-)
xgreenfairyx xgreenfairyx 7 years
Maybe for desperate people, Anon. I only like being contacted by people I KNOW. Not strangers subscribing to my twitter or facebook (both of which I don't have). And if the people I know want to talk to me? They have my number. Why do they have my number? Because they're actually important. This 'social' crap is for ego, not for friends. Just like trying to be the kid sitting at the popular people's lunch table; you just want to be seen. And I'm sorry, but snail mail is no where near as self-indulgent as twitter or facebook.
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