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Top 6 Tech Moments From the Melrose Place Premiere

The series premiere of Melrose Place delivered an abounding dose of drama and some flashy tech toys and references. I was thrilled to see the show upgrade from the giant car phones of the original series (naturally — it's been a while), and make some legitimately geeky references. Could this be the new trendy tech show of the season?

To see my favorite tech moments from the show (spoilers ahead), just


  1. Textual tension: The premiere opened with David's phone ringing during a hot and heavy makeout scene. "Don't even think about it!" whispers the gal. "Oh course not, baby!" And then he looks down his iPhone and sees the message "In serious trouble. Come now!" Doesn't David know it is rude to text while on a date?
  2. Geeky proposal: Jonah pretends to forget his fifth anniversary with Riley, casually pours himself a bowl of cereal and sits down at the TV. When he turns the flat screen on, it plays a video montage of cute couple moments, which ends in Jonah kneeling at Riley's side to propose to her. Of course, true to Melrose drama, they quickly hear a scream outside....
  3. Twitter chatter: After he is questioned by police, David sneaks up on Ella at the police department, who admits she gave an alibi to cover his story. "5:30 in the morning?," asks David. "Everyone is going to think we hooked up!" Ella quips back, "So it gives them something to tweet about!"
  4. Gadget love: Mr. Swarley recognizes Jonah's camera is a $10,000 EX3, which makes Jonah geek out. "Yeah! This thing is sick! You can choose 60 frames per second...swap this out for the film's my dream camera! I love it!"
  5. Geek dreamboat: Riley considers whether she should say "yes" to Jonah: "I love him more than anything...the guy has a box of Legos in the closet he still plays with...he watches Saturday morning cartoons before going off to play laser tag." If that's not a geeky guy, I don't know what is!
  6. The camera doesn't lie: Jonah mistakenly catches Mr. Swarley locking lips with a much younger girl on his fancy camera, which makes Swarley spaz out. Jonah's reassurance? He says as soon as he is done editing the recording will be deleted and sent into the "digital ether." Oh, if only such a place existed. The camera never lies and files never die.

Photo courtesy of The CW

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