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The Week in Geek

Nov 6 2010 - 4:01am

It was a big week for elections [1], but not the hugest for tech news. There was still plenty going on, though — some great iTunes news, an observant Facebook breakup chart, and a test run of Microsoft's Kinect. Check out these stories and more of what you might have missed in this week's recap.

The iPhone Comes to Target

Starting Sunday, the iPhone will join the Kindle and iPad on the list of popular gadgets available at Target [2].

iTunes Lengthens Song Previews

Apple is making some changes to its song preview policies with labels and has upped the preview times [3] on nearly all songs in the US from 30 to 90 seconds each.

Did Apple Brick the iPhone 3G to Up iPhone 4 Sales?

After reported problems with iOS 4 running on an iPhone 3G, one San Diego woman filed a lawsuit that alleges Apple knew updating an iPhone 3G would cause problems but didn't alert users, hoping they would instead purchase a new iPhone 4.

Xbox Kinect Review

The Microsoft Kinect hit shelves this week! Here's a comprehensive review of the new gaming technology [4] and its brand-new games [5].

Is Google Launching Chrome OS Smartbooks This Month?

A new report out this week said that Google is fast on its way to releasing a "smartbook" [6] later this month, which will run Google's much-anticipated Chrome operating system. Google's Chrome browser just celebrated its second birthday this year, and now the Chrome family will be plus one with the launch of the so-called smartbooks, which will be sold exclusively online, similar to the initial Nexus One launch.

Facebook Places Adds Check-In Deals

This week, Facebook announced that it is launching its own rewards program [7], called "Deals," for people who use Facebook Places. So far deal offerings are limited, but include offers from The Gap, The North Face, and the Palms Casino in Las Vegas.

Facebook Can Predict When You'll Break Up

According to a study performed by Ted talker and designer David McCandless [8], most breakups happen two weeks before the Christmas holiday and during Spring break.

Is This Windows Phone 7 Commercial Sending the Wrong Message?

A new Windows Phone 7 commercial [9] attempts to distinguish the new Windows devices from other mobile phones on the market, but some viewers are confused by the ad — at least until the very end.

Google Instant Goes Mobile

After the launch of Instant search results earlier this year, Google has added instant search results [10] to mobile browsers.

Jawbone Branches Out With a New Line of Speakers

Normally known for its phone accessories, Jawbone this week released the Jambox Speaker [11], which connects wirelessly to any Bluetooth-enabled device.

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