This week was dominated by news of the iPad 2, but other headlines managed to make it onto our radar amid the Apple news. Charlie Sheen, Lady Gaga, and exciting 3DS all made headlines, too. Check out these stories and more of what you might have missed in this week's recap.

  • The week kicked off with a Sunday night showing of the Oscars, which were an especially big hit on Twitter. Here's why.
  • Also over the weekend, Gmail lost email messages of .02 percent of users. The emails have since been restored and Gmail is back to normal.
  • Then, Lady Gaga's new video debuted, and while it wasn't full of the geeky tech references of Gaga videos past, it is fabulously sci-fi.
  • Of course, the star of this week is most certainly the iPad 2, which was unveiled by Steve Jobs himself at an event in San Francisco. We took plenty of photos and even got up close and personal with the new device.
  • And since the new iPad is much more powerful than the original, it can handle more complicated programs. Look for both iMove and GarageBand in the App Store once the iPad 2 hits stores on March 11.
  • Also available March 11: iOS 4.3 with improved features like PhotoBooth, iTunes home sharing, and more.
  • Of course, if you were on the Internet this week, you probably saw more than you ever thought possible about Charlie Sheen. Is he even bigger than the iPad 2?
  • Exciting news for anyone waiting for the Nintendo 3DS to hit shelves later this month; it comes with a free WiFi connection and Netflix app.
  • And to round out the week, we chose our March must haves: a few of our favorite gadgets and products that will get you to the start of Spring in style.