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Top Spin 3 Makes Its Worldwide Launch Today

I swear, when it comes to gaming, anything related to sports is always an instant hit — well, that and anything with the word Mario in its title, naturally. Last week we met up with Anthony DeLuca of 2K sports, and a producer of the new tennis game Top Spin 3, which goes on sale today. If you've ever played Wii Tennis, Top Spin 3 is comparable, yet it's much more of a visual and realistic gaming experience. Created for the Wii ($50), Xbox 360 ($60), PlayStation 3 ($60) and Nintendo DS ($30), Top Spin 3 features stunning graphics, improved audio, and a selection of top ranked tennis pro players like Andy Roddick, Maria Sharapova, Roger Federer and Monica Seles, so you can really get your game on!

Top Spin 3 For the Wii: With the Wii version of Top Spin 3 you can choose from 16 licensed players on 10 real-world venues to play from and during game play, you hold the wiimote exactly as you would a tennis racket. It also comes with some fun party games. The not-so-hot? To continue reading my review, just


With Top Spin 3 for the Wii, you have to control each player's court movements with the joystick. I wish the game incorporated something similar to the Wii Fit's running, where your movements were more accurately portrayed in the game (i.e., running back and forth on the court). Something else that caught my attention was its lack of sensitivity. I found myself swinging my racket before the ball even passed over the net and it still managed to hit the ball. Overall a fun game, but I wouldn't recommend it for hardcore tennis players or avid gamers.

Top Spin 3 For the Xbox 360: For those of you who want a game that's fully customizable through and through with stellar graphics, this version of Top Spin 3 is for you. Once you select a player you can give them hairstyles, tattoos, change their outfits and completely re-construct their face to your liking — trust me, it's totally addictive! You can even give them animated movements and hilarious expressions. The game displays dynamic weather changes over the course of the game, and you'll even notice players accumulating stains, producing sweat and showing fatigue. Play against people from all over the world to test your skills.

Top Spin 3 For Nintendo DS: The Nintendo DS version gives you the freedom to play against friends with its wireless communications. It also comes with fun mini-games to help you better your game and offers a choice of 16 different licensed players to choose from.

Games can be purchased online here.

Join The Conversation
michelebelle michelebelle 9 years
Does anyone have his contact information? He is so hot! And is a game producer!! Its my dream come true!!! Does anyone know how I can contact him?
Tech Tech 9 years
wicked--TopSpin is mainly just hitting, and a simple button push for serving during game play.
wickedcupofjoe wickedcupofjoe 9 years
Do you think this would be good for younger kids? My kiddo loves Wii tennis and can handle older games, as long as it's simple hitting and moving. Once you have to do different button operations, that's where we have issues.
kcwebgirl kcwebgirl 9 years
i would be killer at this game i'm sure of it
glam-sugar glam-sugar 9 years
I'm hoping they come out with a Mario Tennis for Wii! I loved the 64 version. The Top Spin graphics are super cool though.
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