It's not a pink Cadillac cruisin' down the street, it's a pink “Princess Kitty” Mitsubishi drivin' down the freeway. This limited edition Hello Kitty car - limited meaning one and only one was made in Tokyo last year - is entirely pink with matching wheels, making it prime geeksugar talk. The Hello Kitty trademark ribbon logo is splattered on the front doors and roof, while the rear doors get a “Princess Kitty” graphic with the lovable cartoon character’s face. Both back window and side view mirrors also get a Hello Kitty face decal as well. According to, one lucky buyer got to purchase the car for ¥2,100,000 ($18,200), with most of the proceeds going to Japan's UNICEF. Seems like a good price for a unique Hello Kitty car? Would you have to be a total geek to drive one of these?