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Totally Geeky or Geek Chic? Tetris Necklace

Two of my best friends are obsessed with Tetris - and when I say obsessed I mean one of them has downloaded it on her last three phones and the other can spend hours playing it on Nintendo. Get them together and we never, ever make it out of the house for dinner on time. Suffice it to say, Tetris is one of those games you either love, or hate. A sentiment I think many people will feel toward this totally geeky, and a little chic Tetris Necklace.

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injustica injustica 9 years
... or he might even wear it himself!
injustica injustica 9 years
this is so cool! my boyfriend would be buying this for me in a heartbeat if he saw it ...
krizias krizias 10 years
HAHA oh heck no...:D
Neural Neural 10 years
chyln-- that's a great idea. I think this necklace is too much the way it is. I don't like Tetris anyway. I'm in the "hate it" group. It's like puzzles. I can't stand those, either.
addiepi addiepi 10 years
The only reason this fails at being geeky is because the beads are not the correct shape/color combinations. But honestly, that doesn't stop me from wanting this necklace or at least the tetris beads so I can string them any way I want.
GIOVS GIOVS 10 years
Tetris is a classic, but the Coca Cola Bottle too, and you don´t see me wearing a bottle necklace, it´s just totally Out
GolferGirl GolferGirl 10 years
Tetris is my 2nd favorite!!! I'd probably wear this necklace but I agree it only needed one or two pieces.
cravinsugar cravinsugar 10 years
I voted totally geeky, cause it is, but I would buy and wear one! I love tetris! Anyone ever play the online game tetripz? I'm all in.
glam-sugar glam-sugar 10 years
I love Tetris but I wouldn't wear that. If they had a keychain, I'd maybe buy it.
carbizkate carbizkate 10 years
I love Tetris too...but this is pretty heinous!
Butrfly4404 Butrfly4404 10 years
I LOVE Tetris...but not that much.
chlyn chlyn 10 years
They should have used just one of the pieces and done it in translucent plastic or glass jewels. /b*tch off/
amyfinke amyfinke 10 years
Ugh - hope my hubby doesn't see that; otherwise, I'll be getting it for V-Day! I'm sure he would think it's the coolest thing ever.
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