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Totally Geeky or Geek Chic? iJoy Ride

The iJoy Ride is the latest hi-tech horse riding machine designed to give you an "effortless exercise work-out, whilst helping you tone and condition muscles known to help you improve your figure." I say it's another gadget that fit, giggle and I will love to hate.

Apparently, the iJoyRide gives your body the key benefits gained from horseback riding which are proven to improve your fitness and wellbeing. If anyone has stopped by a Brookstone store recently you've probably seen the similar iGallop workout machine, which quite frankly is downright scary and a wee bit pervy. Are they going too far with workout gadgets, or are these still geek chic? I still don't know.

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Coach-Jenn Coach-Jenn 7 years
I review products for blogs and I was skeptical about this product. But, when I tried it out, I was pleasantly surprised that it actually gave me a pretty good workout, especially for my inner thighs and core. Although it looks like a saddle, it is not really meant to emulate true horse riding.
redegg redegg 10 years
I think the use of the lowercase "i" should be outlawed from Apple using it from now on. :evil: ENOUGH ALREADY!
tifygodess24 tifygodess24 10 years
This will be gone and put in the back room with the thigh master and ab belt and all those other useless so called "workout" machines in a year or so.........
theotherhalfofme theotherhalfofme 10 years
somehow naughty!! :EVIL: sorry, for that but this just doesn't look right!!
Mme-Hart Mme-Hart 10 years
I voted for Something Else...but I'm sure if one was available, I would totally try it!!! LOL!
pink_orchid pink_orchid 10 years
i've seen commericals for the igallop .... im glad im not the only one that thought they were pervy! a very weird idea indeed. it looks like your posture would go wonky part way through the workout and make it useless.
Daisy6264 Daisy6264 10 years
Linux-Traveler Linux-Traveler 10 years
I can't believe it! What the hell is this horse riding machine. That can't be true!
ZergGirl ZergGirl 10 years
Second that Emshaw & Geek. You cannot get the experience of riding a horse from some weird looking machine. "...key benefits gained from horseback riding which are proven to improve your fitness and wellbeing"...most of that comes from creating a connection with your mount and actually being outside. And there is no way a machine can force you to replicate how hard you squeeze your thighs on that saddle or tighten your grip on those reins when your horse decides to get frisky, LOL!
Tech Tech 10 years
Emshaw Emshaw 10 years
Bizarre. I've been horse back riding for 16 years and that's definatly not how you sit when you ride a horse... Instead of spending however much these stupid machines cost maybe go to a barn (there's one in every city) and pay $40.00 for an hour long lesson on a real horse.
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